These communal tools and print/video materials are available to all club members free of charge.

Brake pedal adjusting tool
Brake shoe centering tool
Brake shoe rivet tool
Carburetor jet tester
Clutch disk alignment tool
Coil polarity tester
Coil voltage tester
Cotter pin holder
Crankshaft nut socket wrench
Distributor bushing reamer
Distributor puller
Engine hoist
Engine lifting chain and eye bolts
Engine lifter / head puller
Engine stand
Engine turning tool (flywheel end)
Flywheel / bellhousing alignment checker
Frame rivet tool
Frame spreader
Front spring spreader
Gas gauge tools
Generator / starter armature out of round tool
Heli-Coil head stud repair kit
Hinge pin remover
Hub puller
Hydraulic body and frame pump
King pin bushing reamer
Magnetic crack detector
Main bearing bolt socket wrench
Pedal bushing reamer
Pinion gear puller
Rear axle seal installer
Rear spring spreader
Shift lever spring tool
Spring shackle bushing tools
Steering ball plug tool
Steering wheel / fan pulley puller
Timing gear nut socket wrench
Torque wrench
Valve guide remover
Valve spring compressor
Wheel stud swedging tool
Windshield wiper motor socket wrench


Model A Service Bulletins (various)
Restorer’s Model A Shop Manual (by Jim Schild)


Autumn Trails
Brake Rebuilding
Carburetor Rebuilding
Distributor Rebuilding
Generator Rebuilding
Horn Rebuilding
Installing a Turn Signal
Model A Keys and Locks
Rebuilding Shock Absorbers
Rebuilding Two Tooth Steering
Roadside Trouble Shooting
The Story of Henry Ford
Timing the Ignition
A Tour of the LeBaron Factory
Transmission Rebuilding